I can no longer see Maroon Lake,

When I bike to the Bells as of late.

They say it is e-bikes,

Or Covid perhaps,

But my bike is not welcome to date.


At first they asked that I not ride,

But walk it instead through the site.

Later they insisted the rack I was missing,

Leaving my bike for the short hike.


Now what to my horror do I see,

There is no longer a bike rack for me.

They said take it below,

Where e-bikes and people flow.

You simply can’t see Maroon Lake.


I point to the clips on my shoes,

Saying walking in these gives me the blues.

Bring other shoes was the response.

Along with a heavy padlock.

My road bike is obviously old news.


On the bench we happily did sit,

With friends o’er the years we lament.

We watched all the selfies,

A moose now and then,

Now all that we have is regret.


Clifford Runge