Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old democratic socialist who pulled an enormous upset in the Democratic primary in a congressional district containing the Bronx and Queens, is wise beyond her years. She says the key to turning the House in this year’s midterm elections isn’t making blues outta reds, but inspiring a high voter turnout. The millennials, minorities and women who stayed away from the polls in 2016 must show up this year.

The only truth Donald Trump has spoken in office is,”I could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and nothing would happen.” His base will stick with him no matter what he does or says. He can break up families and put children in cages at the southern border, betray the country and our intelligence community in Helsinki, have overwhelming evidence of his philandering surface, and the deplorables will chant,”Lock her up.”

Ocasio-Cortez knows not to target these people. She knows to go after the majority that didn’t vote in 2016. Our own Diane Mitsch Bush has a similar strategy.


Fred Malo Jr., Carbondale