I want to add to the rising chorus in favor of Proposition 1A. I am a second homeowner in the valley, of almost 30 years tenure, and what I treasure highest is the health and happiness of our community. One might be prone to think that the cost/benefit ratio of supporting the Healthy Community Fund is not in balance for second homeowners. Because we are not here long enough to draw sustained benefit from such programs, yet carry the full burden of the property taxes that pay for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our benefit, while indirect, is nevertheless strongly felt — by the folks who help maintain our second homes, that help maintain the mountains on which we ski, bike and hike, and that contribute mightily to the arts and community events that we so enjoy. So, if we like coming here, and continue to want to take advantage of all things this area offers, why not open our hearts and pocketbooks a wee bit more and help those who do so much for us? For my family and me, this proposition is a no brainer. We love the community in which we spend a good chunk of our time; why not support it?

Esteban Ferrer

Snowmass Village