In Colorado, transportation is our second largest carbon-emitting sector, accounting for over 27.8% of the state’s total carbon emissions in 2015. The EPA and the Trump administration are attempting to roll back Federal Clean Car Standards, standards that mandate new cars and trucks average 37 miles per gallon by 2025 versus the 2011 average of 21 mpg. This rollback would only inflate global warming pollution from the transportation sector in Colorado. 

Coloradans cannot afford to ignore global warming emissions any longer. With drought and wildfire ravaging communities on the Western Slope it is time to address climate change head on. Rolling back Clean Car Standards would do exactly the opposite, and could potentially make climate exacerbated extreme weather events worse in coming years. Colorado is one of the states most acutely affected by extreme weather this summer. As people wake up to the unfortunate reality of climate change, our state should take the lead on ambitious climate action. We can start by demanding that state elected officials set higher emissions standards than federally mandated. 


Emily Struzenberg

Climate Organizer, Environment Colorado