Diane Mitsch Bush is by far the most qualified Democratic candidate running for the Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. She held her seat in the Colorado House of Representatives for four and a half years and served as the chair of the Transportation and Energy Committee and vice chair of the Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee. Diane has a record in the Colorado House of working across the aisle to pass legislation in the interest of all Coloradans — farmers, teachers, veterans, small businessmen and women and students. 

Diane knows better than anyone that we are part of a large and diverse district with a wide variety of interests that must be represented. Despite Blanca O’Leary’s claims of Diane being "out of touch with the rest of the district, some of the more agricultural and conservative areas," she was awarded 2015 Legislator of the Year by the Colorado Livestock Association, a conservative organization, which I think proves that Diane is exactly who O'Leary claims to be looking to support.

She knows that the answer to the problems in Washington is not moving further to the center; it’s being honest and firm in your positions and having the legislative knowledge and wherewithal to work with others, who are doing the same, to create solutions that work for everyone. Diane is the only candidate with the experience, knowledge and track record worthy of our votes.

Please consider donating your time and dollars to Diane’s campaign and vote for her on (or by) June 26.


Austin Owen