Imagine my dismay at hearing that RFTA, in their energetic attempt to promote themselves

some kind of property tax increase, actually got their annoying and confusing phone poll to say that 51 percent of those polled wanted to increase taxes on property owners and give that money to RFTA. I answered the poll questions at least twice myself, and every time I emphatically said, No Way! The best one was the tired-sounding young woman from Alabama who kept telling me I lived in the "Rolling Fork Valley".  Yes, Ma'am, I guess I do.

So, if we end up voting on this and say it passes at 51percent and the money does go to RFTA, I have a couple of questions for Dan Blankenship. Here we go: 

1. How much money do you expect from this increase, supposing you get your priciest option of a 3.65 mill levy increase?  

2. What, exactly, is this money going to buy?  

3. Does this tax ever go away ("sunset")? 

 4. You already have the most fabulous bus system I have ever used anywhere. What do think you need that you don't already have? 

 5. Are you serious about charging seniors when city buses and shuttles are free and the downvalley is free to the Intercept lot for anyone? C'mon. 

 6. Are you serious about 500 parking spots at the intercept lot? Hahaha. OK. Let's take those cars off the road!

I ride the bus all the time. Please don't not only charge me, but kick me off, too. And God bless this rain!    


Janet Mohrman