As a part-time resident of Aspen since 1968, I recognize and agree with Mr. Marolt’s continuing concerns over the city’s accommodations for change, which seem to overlook the needs of those who live and work there. I know of his family’s long history in Aspen and his suggestion to use his ancestral lands for the good of the city is more than a noble gesture — it is an excellent plan. However, my long experience (I am 89 years old) with city councils elsewhere leads me to believe the Aspen City Council will consider it fantasy, since elected officials seldom acknowledge ideas from the people they are meant to serve.

My city, West Hollywood, is also a resort city deriving most of its revenue from clubs, restaurants, hotels and swanky retailers, overseen by a council swayed more by celebrities’ wants than by the residents’ needs.

Carleton Cronin

West Hollywood