One often hears the opinion expressed that Aspen and Pitkin County are leaders in various areas of interest, such as providing (and maintaining) affordable housing, addressing climate change, and environmental stewardship. While it’s open to question whether anyone outside of the Roaring Fork is actually following our lead in these noble pursuits, there’s one area in which Pitkin County is without question currently the unchallenged leader in Colorado by a wide margin. COVID transmission. The last couple of weeks or so our reported transmission rate of daily cases per 100,000 has been the highest in the state by far. More than 10 times higher than Mesa County. Way ahead of Garfield, Eagle and even Summit — our nearest competitor. Light years ahead of Gunnison, Routt and San Miguel counties. Way ahead of Texas and Florida for that matter.

Please do yourself, your family, your friends and your community a favor. Even if you’ve had your shots. Even if you’ve had the virus. Even if your parents raised you without vaccines. Even if you think all the science is a scam and it’s all a leftie plot. Mask up. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Let’s try at least get to April 26 and a healthy mud season if we can.

Barry Vaughan

El Jebel