There is hardly anyone who is not affected with a mental health challenge in one way or another. Brain-based wellness is a different approach which has not been looked at. It is a new approach with roots based in neuroscience.

What is the cause of mental health conditions? A simple answer may be “stress” but this oversimplifies the issues. Yes, we are all dealing with stress. It is not only how we respond to stress but how we recover from stress. How does one cope and deal with stress?

We often think that we have coping mechanisms to deal with stress. After all, those mechanisms have enabled us to get us where we are today. Yet, for some, where they are today is a very difficult place. Accumulated stress disorder comes from chronic low-grade stress in the form of physical, mental and emotional stress. Other stressors which also contribute to this disorder include electromagnetic radiation, toxins and infections and allergies.

People will often suppress their stress and think that they are managing their stress.

Stress suppressed over a period of time eventually leads to a state where the body cries out for help. The brain is the control center for managing how we relate to our environment. It is important to help the brain respond and recover by coming back to balance.

Light and sound can be used to relax, reboot and revitalize the brain.

Tom Lankering