After Scott Tipton’s tepid primary performance, let’s talk about some true firepower for Congressional District 3. Diane Mitsch Bush is the highest caliber candidate to represent this western third of Colorado.

For one thing, her bullet points (at https://dianeforcolorado.com/on-the-issues/) are right on target. They deal directly with the lives of people in this district — health care and costs, jobs and our economy, public land and water rights, civil and human rights. This district covers a lot of territory with many different needs, from the Western Slope to Pueblo, Aspen to the San Luis Valley.

As a straight shooter, Diane Mitsch Bush is clear that she supports the Second Amendment. And, like the majority of both Republicans and Democrats, she believes in commonsense gun ownership.

Her record as a state legislator demonstrates her commitment and ability to work across the aisle for the benefit of her constituents. Diane Mitsch Bush is ready to undertake programs for job creation and retraining as well as helping farmers, ranchers and small business owners. She has her sights set on what most benefits District 3 and its citizens, not big money interests or D.C. dazzle.

It’s the mettle of the person inside, not a holster, that gets the job done. Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush.

Yvette Roberts

Grand Junction