Ann Mullins is thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking, and has the best long-term interests of Aspen in her inner eye.

Her professional career in landscape architecture/urban design is as good an educational background as a mayor of Aspen could have. She also leads Bauhaus tours at the Aspen Institute.

Before running for Council six-plus years ago, she served on the all-important Historic Preservation Commission for over seven years, and also served for a time as chair.

Ann bought a dilapidated Victorian miner’s house on West Hyman in the late 1990s. She has preserved and taken great care of that historic resource. “She walks the talk.”

She brings to the mayor’s seat experience. When she ran her own planning and design firm in Denver with up to 50 workers and colleagues, before she moved full time to Aspen. She knows what it is like to meet a payroll and run a small business day in and day out.

She understands that locally-owned and small commercial businesses are good for our downtown vitality and diversity, as is also true for her strong belief in how essential affordable residential housing is to bring our workers closer to their jobs.

She is assertive, not aggressive, and will manage the city council meetings with a fair but firm hand. She already has established a positive relationship with the city staff during the time she has served on the council.

She is a practicing environmentalist, as shown by her support for healthy streams and rivers, advocating for more electric buses while serving on the RFTA Board, her support for CORE and the Canary Initiative and keeping Aspen Electric 100 percent renewable through her work on the RWAPA Board.

She makes decisions after reflection and homework, and does not just put her finger up into the air and see which way the wind is blowing. She will stick to her principles. We can count on Ann.

Bill Stirling