In response to the letter from the Ascendigo Board of Directors, I would like to assert that they are presenting a false narrative. To say “meetings with neighbors are productive and positive” is contrary to the 380 neighbors that have signed a petition in opposition to this development. We took the tour to get real answers, but yet again the details changed right before us. Monday’s tour consisted of nearly 25 people, four paid Ascendigo staff and the rest were property owners or concerned residents with the majority openly in opposition.

A private meeting held in July of 2020 by Bob Schultz (Ascendigo consultant) with three neighbors adjacent to the property under review. Bob represented a quiet “eight-week summer camp” with a camper lodge, dorm, pond for agricultural use and a maintenance barn. This is not what we heard from Dan Richardson and his PR team at Monday’s tour. There will be 24 clients, 70-plus employees, nurses, support staff for 100 meals three times per day, laundry, cleaning, and maintenance. The building plans expanded to include staff housekeeping, laundry, medical, caretakers, guest lodge. All this in “phase 1.” Who can we believe?

My home is directly across from the entrance planned. Road impact for 100 clients, support staff, supply deliveries, guests daily trips will create hazards for walkers, bikers, heavy traffic hours. Ninety-four parking spaces planned! Hundreds of additional cars per day!

Ascendigo is a full-time behavioral/therapeutic facility, posing as educational to solicit support. No to this untrustworthy, deceptive organization.

Kimala Fite