Springtime always brings fresh flowers to the mountains, the same as Aspen City Council elections when fresh minds have the chance to steer Aspen into the next four years. Looks like all the candidates have affordable housing, child care and small town character on their radar screens.

One stinky and embarrassing problem still buried in the sand under Ward Hauenstein's tenure on city council is the one-plus hour commute from the airport to the roundabout which will only get worse once Aspen totally opens up.

While it is laudable about more workforce housing being built at the ABC (with no transportation solutions???), Ward still believes riding your bike through snowstorms is the answer even though Ward always drives one of his vehicles a couple of blocks to council meetings.

When Ward spearheaded the approval for the new city office skyscraper across from the Rio Grande Park, Ward was asked for safer bike connections but no way was Ward going to downsize the building to make room for a bike lane. 

Need to drop your kids off for one of the events at the park? Ward's decision: You can park in the full parking garage, circle around streets looking for parking or double park in streets. 

Parking for events at Park replaced with new city office building. But of course. No problem for Ward if he is reelected as a parking pass at the new city office is one of the council's benefits. Really!??

Honk ... honk ... The only real unsolved challenge facing Aspen is the stinky gridlock of traffic sitting on Main Street, on all city streets, in front of the new city office building and between the airport to the roundabout.

Fresh minds at least can give approvals for new city offices and workforce housing with transportation solutions. We don't need to make the roadways worse by not steering the ship in the right direction.

Toni Kronberg