Why are we, the adults in the room, so disturbed about the number of candidates available for presidential office?  Given the issues facing the nation, this group of well-qualified candidates can become the best example of democratic (small “d”) debate, education and resolution about the numerous, important and threatening issues facing our nation.

Many teachers would be pleased to discover only 25-30 students in a classroom.  A class of this size can engage in group discussions, can break into five to six working groups of five representatives each, can identify and debate issues, and can refine the skills necessary to present and support recommendations and ideas.

With this collection of intelligent, involved, informed, concerned and enlightened individuals, I can envision a listing of issues, a collection of required background information, a historical review, a compilation of available resources and a basic timeline and structure of process toward action.

This positive collection of ideas and proposals might just energize our national need for purpose, honesty, social consciousness, hope and pride in our national identity and respect for our established and legal processes.

So, let us watch them work. Those candidates willing to step forward have the knowledge and skills of our democratic process. They are aware of the issues threatening our democracy. We might be amazed at the skill, creative ideas, enthusiasm, and determination of group goals and recognition of discussion related outcomes of our engaged and dedicated group of citizens.

We might find a unity of purpose and renewed respect for our democratic form of governance as outlined in the Constitution.

Dorothea Farris

Crystal Valley