I figure we are all tired of hearing about this Mulcahy standoff. I don’t know the dude, may not even like him if I did, but the man is fighting for his home and his mom — what kind of feeling are we supposed to take away from that? A man defends his home. Bottom line. And jeez, he defends his Mom next. What else is a guy supposed to do? You know what? A person has to be at least half-crazy to even try to make a home here. Who gets to pick who gets to live in the Rockies? I guess APCHA thinks they are the ones. No. They are not the ones. Their job is to open up the door, that’s all. And that is all. If a person qualifies for affordable housing, all that should mean is they live here full-time, use the property, and are able to build their own home and live there. Being personable or not is not listed in the requirements. Pitkin County does have a “dog in the game.” We all do. Drop the 1,500 hours per year rule. It’s totally difficult to prove exactly how we manage to stay here. And, why. Get real.

Janet Mohrman