Our country isn’t full. Far from it. We’re labor constrained. A CNBC report shows job openings are outpacing available workers by 800,000 nationwide. This is particularly true of the unskilled, physical labor white citizens are too flipping lazy to do and Immigrants would love to. This pinch is felt by our local tourist industry right in the butt.

We don’t have the most open immigration laws in the world. In Spain, the policy is si quieres trabajar, bienvenido. Such an attitude in this country would be good for the economy along with the humanitarian benefits.

Along with the unsubstantiated reports of rising crime rates and MS13 gang members and Arab terrorists in the caravans, they’re stealing our jobs is just another ploy by Trump and Steve Bannon’s replacement as the defender of racial purity, Stephen Miller, to prevent the browning of America.

Fred Malo Jr.