In Glenwood Canyon, just below the dam at Hanging Lake way up at 9,300 feet elevation on the canyon's south rim, the terrain levels off into what has been dubbed “Little Grand Mesa.” The view to the south puts Capitol Peak into its true perspective, it rises behind and above a westerly Mount Sopris. The view to the north looks into Devils Hole over 2,300 feet below as a potential ski area with a common fall line. At Little Grand Mesa, miles of level ground for runways exist. This is all above the shoulder of The Bair Ranch at the east end of the canyon. To the south the ground rambles down to Highway 82 just above Carbondale.

A major airport adjacent to a potential ski area with access to Vail and Aspen, as well as an alternative route when the canyon is closed? But oh, wait, it may diminish traffic on Grand Avenue.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction