Eagle County needs to take steps now to protect its roads from the construction of Ascendigo Ranch. Ascendigo will be constructed in Garfield County. Yet the quickest way up to the location is to take Upper Cattle Creek Road from El Jebel to Fender Road and then turn down Harmony Lane. Upper Cattle Creek Road and Fender Road are both in Eagle County. Neither is in great shape. They will be in worse shape after the construction. However, Eagle has no say in the matter and will bear the burden of the so-called “good neighbors.” My former neighbors in the area (I lived for 10 years 1,000 feet from the location of the ranch and often walked with my dogs on Harmony Lane and Fender Road) should call on the Eagle County officials to aggressively enforce truck weight limits as traffic passes through El Jebel. They may want to take other steps to limit traffic in the area to protect the environment so as to make Garfield County bear the burden of the mistake.

Philip Verleger