I can help explain the situation related to the worker shortage (“Aspen’s summer shortage of workers continues unabated,” Aspen Daily News, July 16). I’m a service worker in Aspen and every single worker has been saying the same thing since the moment I moved here: “I can’t stand these people, this is depressing, the pay is lower than anywhere else in the country, and the housing and food is the most expensive.”

Why not say it how it is? The Aspen economy is unsustainable and workers have long been scammed here. It’s just being called out now because workers are tired and exhausted of the atmosphere.

I’m leaving soon, too, for a ridiculously larger amount of money. People are simply cheap here and it’s a scam against workers. There’s money in Aspen. The employers (who are also Aspenites) are simply abusing this notion that it’s a privilege to live here. People are finding out fast that it’s not, so we’re gone.

You can’t get anyone to deliver the mail and soon you won’t have people to put food on the shelves at Clark’s. Hopefully, Aspen will learn its lesson when people have to drive to Grand Junction to get groceries, thanks to intentionally pricing out the people who keep your town together.

The town deserves its inevitable collapse. My entire company is preparing to leave the area. It’s not really my problem, though, because I was smart enough not to buy a home in the area.

Chris Bauer