I write in response to a Jan. 23 guest column by Jeff Gorsuch and Michael Brown where the authors advocate for their redevelopment of the Lift 1A side of Aspen Mountain.

After describing attractive scenes of AVSC skiers prepping the mountain for a World Cup race, they provide a list of all the benefits of the plan with the intro, “Here’s what the Lift One Corridor Plan includes:” Not a single word about employee housing — they know their plan’s weakness. Developers are going to make a fortune from their new development on the backs of Aspen’s working class. Seventy percent of their needed employees will not be housed. This project will exacerbate every problem Aspen has — except for needing a new chairlift. As a part of the plan, they are selling free market housing, while providing only one employee unit on-site.

To reiterate: 1. Developing and selling real estate on Aspen Mountain. 2. Providing only one employee unit. 3. Asking taxpayers to subsidize the project at $4.3 Million dollars.

Reject this proposal and send the developers back to the drawing board. A new proposal that provides more than the bare-minimum requirements for their employees’ housing would show that the developers truly care about this community. Don’t sell this city’s soul for a measly new chairlift.

Frankly, I think the local papers have failed to delve deeply into the details of the development plan. I would like to see more detailed coverage of this very important decision.

James Spencer