The media has been taking a bashing lately. You know, fake news, enemy of the people, and all that noise. Many people get upset when they glorify a mass murderer leading to copycat crimes.

Well, I think the media deserves an attaboy for the way they reported the Highlands Ranch STEM school shooting. They focused on the hero, 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, who charged an active shooter to save his classmates and paid for it with his life. I was about to call him a victim/hero, but his father said he refused to be a victim and he wasn’t.

The media told us all about Castillo, his abilities in robotics, his generosity — an only child who thought of his classmates as his siblings. They reported almost nothing about the suspects. I can’t even remember their names. That’s how it should be. To turn Shakespeare around, the good that men do lives after them. Evil is doomed to oblivion.


Fred Malo Jr.