In regards to Steve Alldredge’s article in the Aspen Daily News last Saturday, Aspen’s “Bidwell building being readied for departure.” When Bert Bidwell and Guido Meyer sprayed the “hippies” (that’s what they were called back then, by the locals and the “young men and women” themselves) off the wall in front of his building, there was no mall. We called them streets. Those two characters used a fire hose to clear the area, they were very neighborly. Good thing Bert and Guido sprayed them from the Bidwell building side and not down into the patio of Pinocchio’s (last known as Rhino’s).

Also, the Bidwell building didn’t include the space were Goop was housed. That was the original Red Onion restaurant just east of the bar. I believe that extension was built in the 1950s, I may be wrong. Werner Kuster and Jim Perry (my father) built the newer restaurant on the west side of the Red Onion in the late 1960s.

It’s a shame that the old Red Onion restaurant is going to be torn down. It seems that the city is letting it happen under the disguise of the Bidwell building, it’s not. Maybe the city should take another look and save that space, it does have some history.

James H. Perry