Your headline in Thursday’s paper, “New APCHA board votes away rules of decorum; First meeting includes shouting match between director and local man,” (August 8) was inaccurate and did not fit the story told by Aspen Daily News reporter Alycin Bektesh. Contrary to ADN’s headline, I did not engage Lee Mulcahy in a “shouting match” at the Aug. 7 APCHA board meeting. The shouting was completely one-sided and going in one direction, from Lee to me.

This happened after I told Lee that APCHA does not wish him ill will and after reminding him that I personally called him back in 2015 prior to his Notice of Violation (NOV) deadline asking him to appeal his case to the Board of Directors, which he refused to do.

 After making these statements, Lee became angry and shouted from the back of the room that I was lying. That’s when two Pitkin County Sheriff’s deputies asked him to calm down because he was acting disruptively and shouting over me. I did not respond in kind as witnesses and the record will support.


Mike Kosdrosky

Executive Director

Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA)