Snow in May? Skiing in June? Buddy the Elf, is that you? Anyway, how cool would it be to spend time with someone as silly and spontaneous as Buddy the Elf?! You could be that fun person for a youth currently living in our community! As mentors with the The Buddy Program, adults are matched with local youth to spend time together to form positive relationships that ultimately benefit the youth and the mentor in numerous ways!

Through my interactions with the Big and Little Buddies that come through our doors at AES, I have witnessed the compassion and connection that propels our students to new discoveries about themselves and the world around them. Big Buddies listen and empower our students by modeling positive ways to communicate and connect with others. Our Little Buddies provide lots of laughs, fun, perspective, and so much more for their mentors. As a Big Buddy, you too can form a bond with a child that may improve their social/emotional development now and in the future. Please reach out to The Buddy Program for more information if you are interested in supporting positive development of our youth through fun activities and mentorship!

Amy Showers