Steve Skinner

I’m not a scientist but I’ve come up with a few formulas which help me parse the world we’re living in. If they add up for you, fine. Make up your own for fun.

Anger plus easy access to weapons equals extra death and tragedy.

Causes plus conditions equals results.

Incendiary bullets plus dry brush equals fire.

Scorched earth plus heavy rain equals flash flooding.

Overcrowding plus potholes equals damage.

Burning plus enclosed space equals warming.

Isolation plus apathy equals sad.

Single use plastic plus humans equals convenience.

Convenience plus arrogance equals ocean gyres.

Gyres plus sea life equals sickness.

Art plus focused effort equals beauty.

Human kindness plus empathy equals equals.

Desperation plus family equals refugees.

Greed plus power equals suppression.

Drugs plus music equals Phish.

Grateful Dead minus Jerry equals Phish.

Mansion minus people equals impoverishment.

Desert plus drilling equals more desert.

109 degrees Fahrenheit plus Paris equals climate emergency.

Climate emergency plus denial equals worse.

Righteous plus judgment equals inequals.

Social media minus human touch equals isolation.

“I got mine,” minus “Y’all get y’allses,” equals disdain.

Disdain plus confidence equals inequality.

Riches minus safety nets equals homeless.

Homelessness plus comfortable people equals uncomfortable people.

People minus access to doctors equals emergency rooms.

Love plus hope equals work.

Bodies minus skin equals equals.

People minus housing equals Van Life.

War plus soldiers equals disabled veterans.

Disabled veterans minus proper care leads to heartbreak.

Arms sales plus countries equals profits.

Military industrial complex plus complex geopolitics equals jobs.

Jobs plus security equals consumption.

Consumption plus security equals boats, ATVs and Legos.

Home gardens plus tending equals fresh healthy foods.

Zucchini plants plus water plus sun equals massive squash.

Fresh coffee plus beauty in the forenoon equals longer life.

Writers plus readers equals formulas.


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