I moved from Aspen to Garfield County in 2006 and am no longer registered to vote in Pitkin County. I continue to receive Pitkin County jury summons, most recently yesterday.

When I received the first few notices, I filled out the section that says, “The summons I received is not from the County in which I reside,” and then listed my address. All that did was to give Pitkin County my current address in Garfield County, where the summons continue to be delivered.

After responding as above to the first few summons, I sent a letter to the jury commissioner.  That did no good, either. So, for the last several years, I have just ignored the summons, even though I continue to get at least one a year.

Not even a small town bureaucrat could be so lazy or inept as to continue to send me these summons after 12 years.  I must conclude, therefore, that there is some other reason why I continue to get them. Perhaps the county collects more money from the state than it costs to send the summons. The notices are postmarked Longmont, so perhaps the county has no incentive to cull the voter rolls. Perhaps the jury commissioner is evaluated or compensated on how many prospective jurors are on the rolls. I don’t know the reason, but I suspect there is one.

I am sending this letter to you in the hope that you will either investigate this situation or publish the letter and perhaps someone associated with the Pitkin County courts will see it and do something about it.

Bart Levin