I want to express gratitude to Curtis and Katherine for giving exposure to the weekly Refuge Recovery meetings that bring another resource to the addiction and mental health crisis in our valley. I am embarrassed to say that my first reaction on seeing this morning’s paper was, “Oh my God, what are people going to think?” Therein lies a big part of the problem. The shroud of secrecy and embarrassment surrounding addiction is this community has to be lifted. If just one person picks up the book or heads to a meeting (Refuge, AA, NA, whatever…), then sharing this piece of my own journey is well worth it. I have grown sick and tired of opening our papers only to discover the loss of yet another beloved community member as a direct result of the unmanageable suffering caused by addiction. Aspen friends, please let's work together to provide as much support as possible for addiction recovery in our valley. I hope you'll help spread the news of Refuge Recovery meetings to anyone who may benefit.

Jason Burns