I am writing in support of Ascendigo’s efforts to open a day camp on Missouri Heights. My daughter came back home to work and pursue an nursing degree so she could move to some other mountain town and find a good job and a home she could reasonably afford to buy. For obvious reasons, that is not here in Aspen, where she was born and grew up.

She found work at Ascendigo, and both she and I have learned a lot about autism. It’s not contagious. They aren’t disgusting. They suffer from numerous breakdowns resulting from total frustration. Who among us working poor have not felt the same? I have learned a lot about autism because of my daughter. They aren’t hopeless at all. And, Ascendigo does own 126 acres after all. They won’t put a bunch of spec homes up there. They have a higher goal.

My daughter deals with young, strong men in their 20s, and they require a focused physical outlet and some simple goals to blow off steam. A day camp or even camping could be very beneficial for them. Now, Missouri Heights neighbors, ask yourselves: would you organize against the Girl Scouts? I think you should educate yourselves about autism before you decide to be NIMBYs about this.

These folks aren’t poor. They will have a classy operation. What’s your problem? I guess the blind nonacceptance of others you prejudge. And, of course, a worry about your property values. Shame on you.

Janet Mohrman