On behalf of the Aspen Public Radio team, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who attended our Lawn Bash with 1A’s Jenn White on June 29 at the Red Brick Center for the Arts.

Thank you to the Red Brick for allowing us to host this wonderful event on their lawn. Thank you, too, to Grateful Deli for providing great food; we love everything they do to keep locals fed. And, thank you to Aspen Brewing Company for providing refreshing beverages on a warm summer day.

Also, a big thank you to the whole team at Challenge Aspen for their generous sponsorship of our event.

We’re overjoyed that we were able to come together in-person and host this event once again, after a two-year hiatus. It’s amazing to see our members support our local broadcast journalism service as a community treasure, and we hope everyone continues to have a safe and happy summer season ahead.

Breeze Richardson