Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you have kids? Do you know someone who has faced a financial emergency? Have you or someone you know needed some mental health support? I have to think that anyone reading this would answer yes to one or more of the above questions — and that is just a tiny view of the many services provided by the 70 nonprofits that receive financial support through the Pitkin County Health Community Fund (HCF).

These nonprofits play a critical role in the overall wellbeing of our community. Residents, workers, and visitors all benefit from the services and resources these organizations provide. The Healthy Community Fund is a dedicated property tax in Pitkin County and vital to the financial health of these non-profits. The current tax will sunset in December. The Board of County Commissioners has put a request to extend and increase the HCF on the Nov. 6 ballot. These funds allow Catholic Charities to help people like “Michael.” Michael initially came to us requesting rent assistance; he is a single father of two and was in danger of being evicted. As we spoke with Michael we found out he had not been paid by his employer for two months, leading to his current financial crisis. We were able to help Michael stabilize his housing and recoup most of his wages. Michael is now working with another employer and able to sustain his family. Support your community. Vote yes on 1A.

Marian McDonough

Glenwood Springs