Regarding Skippy's controversial Instagram story: As an Aspenite, he didn’t say anything the rest of us haven’t said or at least thought in a moment of stress trying to navigate overcrowded and icy streets. As a sitting councilman, streaming that thought was careless and inappropriate and merited an apology, which he gave.

If you were to watch the other 99.9% of his stories you would see Skippy walking to and from council meetings and work sessions, poring over packets of council agendas and spending hours researching and taking notes so he shows up prepared. You would witness Skippy attending summits on climate change or participating in leadership workshops as he strives to serve in his fullest and best capacity. You might notice that he also posts about his full-time job at Sky Run in addition to visibly contributing 30-plus hours a week to council (a supposedly part-time gig). You’ll also see Skippy visiting his Grandma Pearl or doting on his little sister. There are a lot of hikes with dogs and friends. I’ve made an appearance in his stories a few times including just before Christmas when he and a couple friends accompanied me on my first lap at the Highlands Bowl. Skippy was always just one turn behind me, encouraging and supporting me all the way down.

So, if you must judge a person by their projections on social media, I guess go for it? Please, just spend some time taking in the whole picture rather than a tiny snapshot.

Jess Ewart