Taxing the rich is a Democrat fairy tale, believed only by naive idealists. Let me count the ways:

First there are as many rich Donkeys as there are rich Elephants. Does anyone really believe the billionaires are worried?

Second, most folks didn’t get rich via the lottery. Like Yogi, they’re smarter than the average bear. When you raise the cost of doing business, they just pass it on to those naive souls who believe the rich are getting taxed.

Third, if they don’t pass along tax increases, they move to greener pastures. During Obama and Biden’s eight years in power, Google says California lost 1,687 companies and the U.S. lost millions of jobs to China and others.

The cognitively challenged one-elect, has promised to raise taxes on the rich. I suggest hiding your wallets folks. Unless you believe in fairy tales.

Bruno Kirchenwitz