The past year has been a challenge for so many in countless ways. Through it all, the Aspen Skiing Co. has worked hard to provide opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy our mountains. This recreation has been an essential respite from the stress of COVID restrictions. From the beginning of the shutdown in March of 2020, SkiCo continued to groom the mountains for uphill, even without receipt of revenue. They created a plan to ensure our mountains would stay open through the ski season of 2020-21. I am especially appreciative of the new “weekday” ski pass which is affordable to locals and reduces the numbers on the mountains on the weekends. After 30 years in the valley, I was able to truly enjoy our mountains. I hope this pass offering will continue. The fresh air and ability to safely socialize with friends was a blessing.

Thank you SkiCo for balancing the needs of locals and visitors so well.

Bonnie Kowar

Woody Creek