Hello! We are fourth graders in Ms. Kerry’s class at Aspen Elementary School. Today we are writing to say thank you to our veterans. Did you know that veterans serve our community and risk their lives to make our world a better place?

The reason we are thanking our veterans is that they choose their own path to protect all lives. At Aspen Elementary School, we are learning about attributes that make the world a better place. For example, veterans need to be communicators because they need to be able to talk to others at all times. A communicator is being able to speak to everybody at all times. The veterans support those in need. They are risk-takers because they approach new experiences with bravery. A risk taker is determined at all times. They make sure our country has plenty of freedom and safety for all.

We also thank the veterans for their service, loyalty, and their time because they take time away from their families to protect our beautiful country. The veterans are as strong and tough as the mountain range during hard times. So whenever you see a veteran, remember to say thank you!

Azalea, Bentlee, Clark, and Emily

Aspen Elementary School