Thanks to some determined local supporters, not even global pandemic and local wildfires could derail our annual community cleanup and environmental stewardship event held on Aug. 26 on a beautiful clear morning after weeks of heat and smoke. Our 5th Annual Pristine Riders Trash Crush community clean-up and environmental stewardship event was a smashing trash-removing success, thanks to our thoughtful caring volunteers and sponsors who made it happen during this challenging time. 

We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to some special people for supporting our annual litter cleanup along local roadways, including Hwy. 82 along North Star Nature Preserve and the East of Aspen Trail, lower Maroon Creek Road and Castle Creek Road and Highway 82 to the Aspen Golf Course. Sincere thanks to our determined organizers, including Pristine Riders and Sun Dog Athletics and above all to our hearty volunteers, including Kathleen Albert, Herb Beshar, Susan Capiel, Beth Hagerty, Dave Knittle, Joel Lee, Chris McKelvey, Elizabeth Miller, Erik Skarvan, Tatyana Stevens and Ned Sullivan and finally our generous sponsors, including Troy Selby and 520 Grill for our volunteer lunch, Cathy Hall and Pitkin County Landfill for our “Trashy Awards,” free disposal and recycling, Samantha Johnston and The Aspen Times for event promotion, Madeleine Osberger and Erica Robbie of the Aspen Daily News for event promotion and Jeff Lewis from CDOT Adopt-A-Hwy for safety and clean-up supplies. 

We appreciate our supporters’ efforts in keeping our valley pristine and sharing the message of environmental stewardship to inspire others. When we share the benefits of stewardship, we create the ripple or multiplier effect and that’s powerful. We also greatly appreciate everyone else in the community who actively picks up litter keeping our area and nature pristine and healthy, the way it should be. 

Trash Crush organizer Pristine Riders is a recently launched 501c3 non-profit and is composed of passionate valley cyclists who combine cycling and cleaning up the environment. We advocate for picking up “just one” piece of litter each ride or simply each day. 

We truly believe that if we all do at least a little for Mother Nature, it would make a big positive difference. Like Pristine Riders on Facebook for more, including how to score a free bike jersey! 

Let’s keep bending at the waist and picking up the waste keeping the Roaring Fork Valley pristine. Then, let’s share the love!


Erik Skarvan

Executive Director, Pristine Riders