Lorenzo Semple's piece in the Saturday Aspen Daily News is a great piece of journalism ("What's your name again?", Feb. 8). But, I am going to have add fuel to the Highland Bowl versus Highlands Bowl fire. Having come to Aspen before Lo, (I like to use both of his names) Charlie Bolte, was ski patrol head, Don Robinson Sr. was the mountain manager, Jake Jackobson and Big Wille were on the Ski Patrol at Aspen Highlands. All the above Highlands personel used the moniker Highland Bowl, not Highlands Bowl. I have checked with one of my native Aspen friends who is knowledgeable on the Highlands property, and he also thinks it is Highland Bowl. The USGS Survey maps also call it Highland Bowl, not  Highlands Bowl. So Lorenzo, or Lo, (I like the ring of Lorenzo), I believe you are not using the correct name. The Highland Bowl gods will wreak havoc on you and you will lose your ski in Highland Bowl if you don't use the correct name. And speaking of names, people have been losing the S on Wingers for all 57 of my years in Aspen. However, it is easy to know if people really know you if they use the proper name. And I was called and still am, Wingbat because I drove a ‘59 Cadillac convertible in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s with Batmobile fins, a moniker given to me by Marvin Moriarity. So be it, Lorenzo. See you at Highland Bowl.

Jim Wingers