Amazing how a pandemic can change our way of life even here in Aspen. Cars and parking spots were a big no-no in Aspen before the coronavirus. Now Aspen’s marketing campaign is drive, drive, drive your car to Aspen to take in the beautiful mountains, fresh air, breathtaking views and peaceful tranquility.

One thing that has not changed with the coronavirus are Aspen Skiing Co.’s aerial gondolas connecting people from Aspen and Snowmass to the tops of the mountains.

Besides swimming pools, which are a safe place to be because of the chlorine or bromine in the pools which kills the coronavirus, gondolas are the safest mass public transit system everywhere in the world with urban gondolas transporting 2,400 passengers per hour or 48 buses worth per hour.

Maybe one day we will ride a gondola from one of the events at Buttermilk to the Cliffhouse restaurant which has got the best mountain view anywhere. Wishful thinking?

Whether you hike, ride your bike or take the SkiCo gondola, see you at the top of the mountain.

Toni Kronberg