The Democrats are right in asserting their chances to turn the House depends on voter turnout. Nationally, you'd think since the Republicans control all three branches of government, the electorate must be very right wing.

It's not. Polls show Americans are decidedly left-leaning. On issues like climate change, immigration, and abortion, the vast majority take progressive views.

The problem is the lefties don't vote. High numbers of millenials and minorities, who commonly vote Democratic, are among the nonvoting segment of the population.

The 55 percent voter turnout in 2016 was shameful, and midterm elections are usually worse. Recently, Sweden held a national election and and 85 percent of voters turned out. Now there are some citizens who take responsibility for their government.

Other than the ski resort towns, Colorado's 3rd Congressional District is blood red and, as divisive as politics is now, a lot of those Republicans would rather vote for the devil than a Democrat. Democratic challenger Diane Mitsch Bush needs a huge turnout to beat the odds.

Fred Malo Jr.