These are things that the voters don’t know about the Lift One development:

1. It is estimated that 11,000-plus truck loads of dirt will need to be removed.

2. They are realigning the lift, tens of thousands of trees will be cut down for the new lift line.

3. The taxpayers will pay $4.6 million for the lift. Why?

4. Do we really want more people here in our sweet little town at Christmas? X Games? Fourth of July? Driving and parking are insane and almost undoable at these times as it is.

5. Lift 1A Lodge is not a hotel! It is timeshare.

6. The plan says there will be “old growth trees” in the park on top of the parking garage. Fact: old growth trees need 8 feet of soil to grow. The amount of concrete needed to hold up that much dirt, not to mention the snow load will be astronomical.

7. Public streets in that area will be closed for the private sector.

8. It is said that World Cup will come back. There is no guarantee of this. World Cup loves the Birds of Prey course in Beaver Creek.

9. It will bring the lift lower. If you can ski, you can walk two blocks to Lift 1A.

My husband and I, both lifetime locals, are passionately against Lift One. Please vote no on Lift One.

Beth and Pierre Wille