I write to condemn with prejudice the actions of Earth First who is the party apparently responsible for the sabotage of Black Hills Energy's natural gas infrastructure. Aspen and Pitkin County are very environmentally progressive. Two weeks ago Holy Cross Energy announced a very aggressive timeline to 100% renewable electricity generation. The Aspen electric grid is 100% renewable. Both Pitkin County and the city of Aspen have tight energy and carbon production building codes.

The alleged target of the Earth First domestic terrorist attack is the fat cats of Aspen. The victims are local employees, businesses, restaurants, lodges, and retail. Local businesses are on the brink of survival because of COVID-19. Local workers are hanging by their fingernails. The self-righteous attacks by any group that victimizes our local community are reprehensible to me.

I appeal to your guests to forgive the lodges and restaurants for inconveniences beyond their control. To us locals, I appeal to us all to support each other. Forgive those that have foolishly wronged you.

I applaud the city and county staffs and Black Hills Energy for their competent and speedy responses.

Thank God that 2020 is almost over.

Love and strength to us all. May the Force be with us. 


Ward Hauenstein