I’m sure the CO 3rd Congressional District incumbent, Scott Tipton, is a nice person … maybe he was even an Eagle Scout … maybe he even likes beer. But, right now he is nothing more than a squirt of WD-40 for the self-annointed royalty in DC who persist in their quest to reinstate “trickle down economics”... which is just another way of saying “make the rich richer and that will help everyone else while we cut medicare, veterans benefits, social security, education, etc.” (are you $#!+ing me ???).

Diane Mitsch Bush listens to and takes direction from the people in Colorado, not the tribal chiefs in DC. She has a terrific track record as a Routt County Commissioner and State Representative. She’s in nobody’s pocket and believes fervently that intelligent government can make a positive difference for almost everyone. Vote for Diane!

James Noyes