If you think this has anything to do with a ski lift or an FIS World Cup Race or connecting the goals of resort extortionists and the Aspen Area Community, then you probably think that Trump’s wall is about the national security of our country and not racism.

This is an Aspen Club style scam with Jeff Gorsuch playing the part of Michael Fox.

This is the worst example of incremental commercialist corporate greed using Aspen neighbor vs. neighbor and local skier vs. local skier as tools to swindle our society because Adam Frisch, Ward and Ann Mullins wouldn’t do their jobs to control these speculators’ manipulations. This is the selfish selling of our historic mountain town brand, Aspen carrying capacity and neighborhood/small town qualities of life for developers’ personal and corporate profit.

Vote no. Send this destructive development back to Torre as Mayor, Bert Myrin, city council member and other new logical city council members and a new city manager. Vote no to eliminate millions in taxpayer cash subsidies, variances to housing code requirements, inadequate parking, politically pressured annexation, guilt rezoning, elimination of conservation lands, traffic gridlock, zero employee-housing mitigation.

Please stop b.s. by the cheaters at the Gorsuch Haus, the Brown Bros. and SkiCo marketing fiction that your vote is not about the mega Development but it’s all about “the lift.” Tell SkiCo to show leadership with ethical and moral direction and step up and build a new, safe, practical design lift from Durant Street instead of trying to hide behind the emotional marketing myth that this deception is about the vitality of skiing in Aspen. If SkiCo can afford to build a Pandora expansion they can reinvest in opening the Lift 1A access to Ajax. Remember SkiCo told the FIS not to bring back the men’s downhill until SkiCo could choose the date on which the race happens. The FIS went directly to Birds of Prey and gave the finger SkiCo brass.

Please vote no on parking two huge cruise ships the size of the Little Nell Hotel at the top of Aspen Street.

Tim Mooney