Your mail-in ballot has arrived for this Nov. 2 election. Vote now, vote early or vote in person, but vote yes on question 2A. Your vote is very important because this question requires 60% voter support to pass.

Vote yes on ballot question 2A to support more access to more arts, culture and community by utilizing future 0.5% real estate transfer taxes (RETT) for greater community benefit and still maintain and improve the historic Wheeler Opera House and programming. Voting yes will not take away the $40 million in the current fund from the Wheeler Opera House for the ongoing maintenance and operations and does allow for an appropriate fund balance and reserve to be created. Ballot question 2A is asking for voter approval of several positive changes for the future allocations of the RETT to better serve the community.

Vote yes on 2A and lift the $100,000 limit on these funds that can be used for the grants and increase support for large and small arts organizations and artists that are part of the heartbeat of this community. Voting yes on 2A will allow increased access of smaller arts and cultural organizations and artists in the grants process for arts and culture in our community. This is good for the artists and good for the community because these expanded grant opportunities can benefit the very culture — and the physical and mental health — of everyone in our valley.

Vote yes on 2A to allow more funds to be utilized for a broader application and collaboration to bring more community-based arts, events, performances, seminars and classes that are by the people and for the people of the Aspen valley. Everyone you know is impacted by the arts and culture in our community to some degree. Voting yes on 2A will support more opportunities, impacts and access to arts, culture and community programs for everyone.

Vote yes on 2A and support the Red Brick Center for the Arts to continue providing and enhancing kids and adult classes, programs and access to the visual and performing arts, from painting and sculpting to dance and filmmaking. The Red Brick also is home to nonprofit offices, artist studios, a community dance studio and meeting rooms. Voting yes on 2A will help the Red Brick continue the great partnerships with school groups, care providers, nonprofits, artists and other diverse community programs.

Vote yes on 2A to allow for the city general fund opportunities to assist in the Isis Theatre debt service and maintain it as a community amenity for film and other uses. Vote yes on 2A to allow for even more partnerships with the school district, cultural entities and organizations throughout the valley.

Vote yes on 2A in this election and make the improvements going forward that our community has been discussing for years. Vote yes on 2A to enhance these community benefits without precluding changes through a citizen vote in how funds are allocated in the future. Vote yes on 2A and support your family, friends and neighbors with arts, culture and overall benefits to our community. Vote yes on 2A for arts, culture and community.

Torre is the mayor of Aspen; reach him via