I encourage the voters of the Aspen Fire Protection District to vote yes on ballot 6A in the upcoming election. Fire protection for the Aspen area has been provided by volunteers, yes, 100 percent volunteers since 1881.

These volunteers are willing to answer any call, at any time of day or night, under any weather conditions, no matter what they are doing at that time. They leave their families, their jobs, and anything else they are involved with when the call comes.

As the Aspen area balloons in size, this responsibility has proportionately increased. So has the need for the technology, equipment and infrastructure to provide this mission to keep the community, its full-time residents and visitors, as safe as possible at all times.

The ability to make a decision to save lives, to help your neighbor that you may or may not know, and work towards making the place that I, and we, live in does not get asked of us often. But it is now, and will help make our homes and workplaces a safer place to live for us and for all that we hold dear. Vote yes, and if anyone asks you about it, tell them to vote yes also. As I said, you don't get the chance to help save lives very often.

Michael Haman