There are elected public leaders and there are local citizens who are positioned to pull strings, quietly, chipping away and calling the shots. Chris Bendon and Sara Adams of BendonAdams are some of the latter. After designing the community development program for the city of Aspen, they walked away to work in the private sector.

Chris Bendon has been shaping Aspen for many years. A friendly, likable guy who does not stand out, but when your eye settles on him ... what’s not to like? I don’t know whether Bendon has a vision for Aspen or if he’s just a shrewd businessman. Bendon and the folks at community development will be shaping the physical environment of Aspen for years to come. Given that he works privately, it would be great to see our local reporters sit down with him and find out what his vision for Aspen is. Bendon’s vision or lack thereof is the future of Aspen.

Ivan Cassar