In the New York Times, Brett Stevens’ column on “The Wisdom of George Schultz” quotes Schultz saying that “trust is the coin of the realm.” True.

What is trust? It means your actions match your words. America’s actions do not match her words. The reaction to this is that on one side you have the “woke” crowd and on the other Trump. They both see disparity within our government, but see it for different reasons.

All this disparity is invisible to the governing crowd. Its lack of accountability is now on display. This was first pointed out by Edward Snowden and Julian Assange years ago. Jokesters at the top of the intelligence chain were running wild throughout the system. It’s because they’re in charge of secrets, that they were blackmailing the elected government. The Chinese knew this and “capitalized” on it.

If Brett Stevens liked things pre-Trump, he was being duped into thinking nothing was “off.” He wasn’t affected. Then along came Trump and “woke” everyone up. You decide if living in la-la land with the Chinese is better than being a free American.

Poor Joe Biden. Feel sorry for him. To live so long and then betray yourself. Oh, that’s right, it’s nothing new. We should trust you with the coin of the realm?

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction