“Back to the Future.” This 1985 gem takes Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd’s characters back 30 years to change the past for a better future. It concludes with Fox and Claudia Grace Wells’ characters traveling forward 30 years to 2015 to resolve a problem with their future children. What a fun movie.

Today we are living in an ironic twist of Back to the Future’s plot. We are destroying our links to the future by ignoring or destroying the foundations of our history. Kind of like the old maid aunt who cuts the images of certain family members out of photos. What does that change? That’s a broken time machine.

Call such folks “cherry pickers” of history. You can hear it on the political right and left. Fox Network’s Mark Levin in his show “Life, Liberty and Levin,” lives in a set surrounded by all his historical heroes and a stopped clock in the background. He graciously sprinkles his commentary with truth out of context. Ask a graduate of today’s educational system about George Washington who only knows Washington was a slave owner. What happened to the second-grade story of Washington chopping down the cherry tree? No cherry picking.

It runs deeper on the left in regard to monuments and statues and even to the Constitution. The past is being judged by our present ignorance and lack of respect.

Here’s the real kicker: We wouldn’t be here without the milestones of the past. We can’t go back.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction