In the aftermath of the 2018 midterm elections, at least one thing was made clear: younger voters are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines while our future is jeopardized by inaction on climate change. Nationally, youth turnout was the highest in 25 years. Young Coloradans in particular turned out at some of the highest levels in the entire country. As an intern with the student-led climate action group Defend Our Future I personally saw the urgency surrounding this topic from students of all political backgrounds.

The fact of the matter is that young people realize that we’re going to feel most of the long-term impacts of decisions made today. Pair that with our awareness of the current anti-environment policies coming out of Washington D.C. recently and it’s clear why young people are making their voices heard.

We turned out in droves to vote for candidates who pledged to take action on climate, but just because the elections are over doesn’t mean the work is stopping. As young people we have to stay engaged with what is happening in our country and communities. We must hold our newly elected officials who campaigned on addressing and fighting climate change accountable to their commitments. We have the responsibility to continue to highlight the urgency and need


Sarah Winebrenner