Market snapshot

Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the most recent Pitkin County transaction records.


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This downtown, three-story townhome boasts a walkable location (three blocks to the gondola), three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It offers a deck, hot tub, garage and parking.



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This 1.13 acre parcel is located within the Little Elk Creek Village subdivision.


Year to Date - Jan. 1 – July 24*

Total transactions: 112 (down 30%)

Total sales volume: $277,717,085 (up 9%) 

Sales to list price ratio: 93% (down 3%)

Active listings: 467 (down 12%)

*According to activity tracked by the Aspen-Glenwood MLS for Pitkin ­County (residential sales only, compared to the same period last year).

Real Estate Transactions Recorded

July 12 - July 18, 2020

Grantor: Bendl, Deborah

Grantee: Deangelo, Cecily; Deangelo, Zachary

Property: 53 North Ridge Lane Duplex B

Cost: $2,287,500

Grantor: Kaplan, Richard

Grantee: Lucks, Ned Chopin; Lucks, Tracey Ann

Property: Villas at Elk Run 8101

Cost: $415,000

Grantor: Desai, Meena

Grantee: Cutrona, Sarah Fagin

Property: Residence Interest 10 Aspen Highlands Condo 8202

Cost: $23,500

Grantor: Hall, Elise M; Hall, Allan E Estate of

Grantee: Innsbruck Condominium Association Inc

Property: See doc for detail, Innsbruck Condo 104

Cost: $2,619.31

Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Bektesh, Allison

Property: Benedict Commons 14

Cost: $171,089

Grantor: Aspen Club Residences LLC

Grantee: Vallario, George

Property: 1/10th Fee Ownership Sky Residences & Lodge F72

Cost: $580,000

Grantor: Grosfeld Aspen Properties Partners LLC

Grantee: Mountain Nest LLC

Property: 700 East Hyman 706

Cost: $7,670,000

Grantor: Parvati Property LLC

Grantee: Dallas, Aaron

Property: Southside PUD 3 I 3

Cost: $667,500

Grantor: Two Creeks Chalet LLC

Grantee: 278 Gambel LLC

Property: Sinclair Meadows 4

Cost: $4,295,000

Grantor: Miller, Terry A; Miller, Lisa C

Grantee: Thomas, Lauren E Trust; Thomas, Carl L Trust

Property: Orchard Estates I 17

Cost: $805,000

Grantor: Schultz, William M; Schultz, Leah G

Grantee: Hopkins A4 LLC

Property: Larkspur A4

Cost: $1,600,000

Grantor: Prince, Robert L

Grantee: GCC Lofts LLC

Property: 34 8 88 SW4NE4 Easement

Cost: $530,000

Grantor: Milvich, Boris

Grantee: Thomson, Olwen

Property: Little Creek Village 3 2 8

Cost: $405,000

Grantor: Mud Hut Properties LLC

Grantee: K West LLC; Herold, Karen

Property: Oh-Be-Joyful Acres 8

Cost: $1,900,000

Grantor: Serra, Joseph O; Serra, Julie A

Grantee: Aoma OTC LLC

Property: 1/8th Interest Residences At The Little Nell Condo F-211 Fractional Ownership 1/8 Interest

Cost: $1,550,000

Grantor: Aspen Club Residences LLC

Grantee: MY W LLC

Property: Fractional Ownership 1/10 Interest Sky Residences & Lodge F10-5

Cost: $660,000

Grantor: Tarabay, Loraine Mary

Grantee: Timetolive LLC

Property: 1/8th Fee Ownership Interest Residences at the Little Nell Condo F600

Cost: $2,150,000

Grantor: Holy Cross Electric Association Inc; Holy Cross Energy

Grantee: DLM Holdings LLC

Property: Office Sagebrush Building 1

Cost: $425,000

Grantor: Horowitz, Steve L Trustee; Horowitz Trust

Grantee: Sunny Investments LLC

Property: G A Resort 53AH, 54AH, 55AH, 56AH, 57AH G A Resort 58AH, 59AH, 60AH, 61AH

Cost: $1,812,000

Grantor: AV 30 Properties LLC

Grantee: Browns Family Holdings LLC

Property: Durant 2 D

Cost: $3,950,000

Grantor: Dawson, Mark William

Grantee: Hammond, Brianna C Trust; Hammond, Troy G trust

Property: Residence Interest 2 Aspen Highlands Condo 4301

Cost: $70,000

Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Hernandez, Jose I Eguia; Martin del Campo, Eliza M; Del Campo, Eliza M Martin

Property: Burlingame Ranch II Condo 203 335 Paepcke Drive

Cost: $341,220

Grantor: Bendixen, James J

Grantee: Joshua Enterprises LLC

Property: 15 9 86 SWNE4 W2SE4; 15 9 86 2-3 Easements

Cost: $229,000

Grantor: Teague, Henry B

Grantee: 412 Robinsmith LLC

Property: Andrews-McFarlin B8 B; Andrews-McFarlin B10 B; Andrews-McFarlin B9 B

Cost: $775,000

Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Boda, Anita; Bartha, Viktor Oliver

Property: Burlingame Ranch I Condo 104 0163 Forge Road

Cost: $368,565