Market snapshot

Below is the highest- and lowest-priced closing on a free-market, private, whole ownership sale from the most recent Pitkin County transaction records.


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This home at 209 E. Bleeker sits on a 6,000 square foot lot and when completed will feature a five-bedroom main house and remodeled guest house.



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This one-bedroom, one-bathroom corner condo unit boasts 642 square feet.


Real estate transactions recorded Sept. 20 - Sept. 26

Grantor: Morse, Philip D Trust; Morse, Holley S Trust; Morse, Philip D Trustee; Morse, Holley S Trustee

Grantee: Moscoe, Thomas D Trust

Property: Fixed Week 34 & Floating Weeks G A Resort 28

Cost: $94,000

Grantor: Flint, David B Trustee; Flint, David B Trust; Flint, David B

Grantee: ACR Capital LLC

Property: Woerndle 4

Cost: $4,650,000

Grantor: Kuhn, Stephen A; Spinazze, Dennis J

Grantee: Suidan, Kaiser

Property: Stonebridge Inn 301

Cost: $167,500

Grantor: Davis, Bradley D; Provisor, Janis

Grantee: 4303 Snowmass Creek LLC

Property: Davis/Donnelley Lot Split 1

Cost: $900,000

Grantor: Ippolito Trust; Ippolito, Vincent Trustee

Grantee: Cowan, Chris Inc; Chris Cowan Inc

Property: Residence Interest No. 6 Aspen Highlands Condo 4301

Cost: $85,000

Grantor: Team Sachs LLC

Grantee: Gerda Holdings LLC

Property: Chateau Eau Claire 13 A

Cost: $2,125,000

Grantor: Brodsky, Barry

Grantee: Oli Poli LLC

Property: Castle Creek Duplex 1

Cost: $6,750,000

Grantor: Oakes, Ken

Grantee: Nielsen, Brooke

Property: Smuggler Park 204

Cost: $1,000,000

Grantor: Davis, Richard Jr Trust; Davis, Richard M Jr Trustee

Grantee: Allen, Harvey M; Allen, Judy

Property: Country Club Townhomes 55IIF

Cost: $2,800,000

Grantor: Middelberg, Maria B; Modette

Grantee: Petersen, Darren C Trust

Property: Alpenblick 2A

Cost: $3,825,000

Grantor: Weiss Enterprises L P

Grantee: Rolocado LLC

Property: Aspen Highlands SUB 2 7

Cost: $4,800,000

Grantor: Manderachia Lillian T

Grantee: 1350 SVL LLC

Property: Sierra View Condo B

Cost: $4,600,000

Grantor: Eagle, Melvin; Eagle, Leatrice

Grantee: Levitt, David

Property: Le Chamonix

Cost: $2,630,000

Grantor: Straight, Frankie Lee Trustee; Straight, Frankie Lee Trust

Grantee: Rhudy, John T; Rhudy, Kristen

Property: Claude Crowley Estate 7

Cost: $645,000

Grantor: 105 East Hallam LLC

Grantee: Hallam Management LLC

Property: Part of Aspen City of 65 B; Part of Aspen City of 65 C

Cost: $6,750,000

Grantor: APCHA

Grantee: Valdmanis, Nikolai Miller; Valdmanis, Kate Marie

Property: Fairway Three Townhomes 2 III

Cost: $306,135

Grantor: Martin, Peter A; Martin, Anne W

Grantee: Crystal Circle Trust

Property: Redstone 14

Cost: $1,098,500

Grantor: Handler, Steven P; Koran, Janet M

Grantee: Catamount Property Investment LLC

Property: Enclave 312

Cost: $900,000

Grantor: Ciezczak, Christopher M

Grantee: Davis, Jennifer Ann; Britt, Michael Patrick

Property: Lazy Glen 66

Cost: $370,000

Grantor: West End House LLC

Grantee: 209 East Bleeker LLC

Property: Aspen City of 73 C-D

Cost: $15,250,000

Grantor: Kammer, Robert J Trust

Grantee: Dealune, Jules Mayer; Bell, Katherine Dressner

Property: Pyramid Suite 1/6th Interest Club Suites At Roaring Fork Club C

Cost: $290,000

Grantor: A D Syriani

Grantee: Hathaway, Karin

Property: Club Villas 1536 III

Cost: $700,000

Grantor: Asrael, Stanley J Trust; Asrael, Stanley J Trustee

Grantee: Levy, Nancy; Levy, Scott

Property: Residence Interest No. 7 Aspen Highlands Condo 8205

Cost: $55,000

Grantor: Lipsey, Shira Ilana

Grantee: Mixtli LLC

Property: Maroon Townhome Aspen Highlands Village PUD E 10

Cost: $5,405,050

Grantor: Erisman, Zoe

Grantee: Borenstein, Denise; Borenstein, Mark

Property: Hunter Creek 1328 1300 III

Cost: $578,000

Grantor: CSAH LLC

Grantee: Chapman, Nicholas

Property: Maroon Creek Club 6 Easement

Cost: $9,975,000

Grantor: River Manor #3 LLC

Grantee: LA Just1 LLC

Property: Mountain River Manor 3

Cost: $529,900

Grantor: Smith, Frank Ford Jr; Smith, Katharine, Lindsay

Grantee: Monarch Park Uno LLC

Property: Westside One Monarch on the Park WS-1

Cost: $6,450,000

Grantor: Shadow Property LLC

Grantee: Baril, Albert A Trustee; Baril, Albert A Trust; Baril, Holly A Trust; Baril, Holly A Trustee

Property: 234 West Hallam/302 North Second 302

Cost: $8,250,000

Grantor: Gall, Desiree; Gall, Stephen

Grantee: Winslow, Caroline

Property: Smuggler Park 216

Cost: $860,000

Grantor: Bergen Francis X Jr Trust; Czech-Bergen Jennifer E Trust; Bergen Francis Xavier Jr Trustee

Czech-Bergen Jennifer E Trustee

Grantee: 23 Meadow LLC

Property: Melton Ranch II 40

Cost: $3,999,000

Grantor: Prince, Sandra B

Grantee: Rademacher, Andrew

Property: $1,775,000

Cost: Woodrun V Townhouse 30 IIA

Grantor: Campbell, Martha

Grantee: Loboda, Vitaliy; Yukhtenko, Anastasia

Property: Rivers Bend 1

Cost: $340,000

Grantor: SV Building 8 Development LLC

Grantee: Edgar, Elizabeth M

Property: Club Interest No. 306-3 One Snowmass East 306

Cost: $141,750

Grantor: Century Limited Partnership

Grantee: Crescent Estates Custom Homes LP

Property: 6 10 84 SE4SW4

Cost: $7,825,000